We have at our disposal a certified welder training centre equipped with 10 welding stations and a modern lecture room with Internet access and rich multimedia teaching resources.

We conduct trainings for a full scope of welding qualifications according to European and ISO norms.

Currently we register for trainings on ISO norm welding requirements and the conditions of accepting steel structures, as well as on legal aspects of trade contracts on manufacturing welded structures of various application. The training will be conducted together with German Welding Institute GSI SLV.

The training is primarily addressed to people responsible for carrying out technical inspections, commercial contracts and to personnel directly connected with supervision of welding processes.

Training programmes of welding methods carried out on a running basis:

111 MMA - (manual metal arc welding) (click to expand):

131 MIG - (metal-arc inert gas welding) (click to expand):

135 MAG - metal-arc active gas welding (click to expand):

141 TIG - tungsten inert gas arc welding(click to expand):

311 - gas welding (click to expand):

Plasma burner operator.

Gas burner operator.

In order to obtain more information please contact:

Spawalnik - Grzegorz Burzyński
Słoneczna 12c, 64-800 Chodziez
mobile: 500 422 657

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