SERVICES » Welding

SPAWALNIK offers a wide range of services from the areas of:
• drawing up preliminary welding procedure specifications (pWPS)
• qualifying welding technology by means of welding procedure qualifications record (WPQR)
• preparing welding procedure specifications (WPS)
• periodical check-ups, repair and maintenance of welding devices, equipment for 311 gas welding
• preparing industrial enterprises for certifications according to norms:
      • DIN EN ISO 3834
      • PN M 69009
      • PN B 06200
      • DIN 18800
      • DIN EN 1090
      • EN 15085
• trainings for welders and welding equipment operators in compliance with the guidelines by Institute of Welding in Gliwice,
• renewing welder qualifications,
• keeping record of welding works documentation,
• trainings and consulting on industrial safety & health and fire safety.

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